About The Band

Introducing Yardweedz

Weaving Acoustic Tapestry from Floyd, Virginia

In the heart of the picturesque Blue Ridge Mountains, where the air is as crisp as the musical notes that dance through the valleys, Yardweedz takes root. This acoustic string band, hailing from the vibrant town of Floyd, Virginia, thrives on the synergy of its three talented members: Noah Broe, Colin Cospel, and Don Cox.

Noah Broe - Lead Singer and Main Songwriter (Acoustic Guitar): At the helm of Yardweedz is the soulful voice and masterful songwriting of Noah Broe. His fingers gracefully navigate the strings of his acoustic guitar, crafting tales that resonate with authenticity and emotion. Noah's lyrics, a blend of introspection and storytelling, breathe life into the band's gypsy-swing foundation, giving Yardweedz a unique narrative edge.

Colin Cospel - Acoustic Guitar and Vocals: Colin Cospel, the sonic craftsman of Yardweedz, weaves intricate patterns of melody and rhythm on his acoustic guitar. His vocals, harmonizing seamlessly with Noah's, add layers of richness to the band's sound. Colin's deft touch on the strings brings a fusion of progressive folk elements, elevating Yardweedz into a genre-blurring experience.

Don Cox - Upright Bass: Grounding the band with the deep resonance of the upright bass is Don Cox. His fingers dance across the strings, providing the heartbeat that pulses through Yardweedz's music. Don's commanding presence on the bass brings a sense of groove and rhythm, transforming the band's sound into an irresistible force.

Gypsy-Swing, Progressive Folk Fusion, and Jam Band Vibes: Yardweedz is not easily confined to a single genre; instead, they effortlessly traverse the realms of gypsy-swing, progressive folk fusion, and jam band explorations. Their music is an eclectic blend, a sonic journey that transcends boundaries and invites listeners to embark on an adventure through diverse musical landscapes.

Floyd, Virginia - The Heartbeat of Yardweedz: Rooted in the vibrant artistic community of Floyd, Virginia, Yardweedz draws inspiration from the rolling hills, the rich cultural tapestry, and the communal spirit that defines this musical haven. The band's performances resonate with the authenticity and warmth that characterize the spirit of Floyd, creating an intimate connection between Yardweedz and its audience.

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